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Who we are?

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The history we passed determined our choice

Preparation for the profession of a doctor begins from early childhood. Even then, an experienced teacher will notice such a student. With first class he-comes to the truth. Everything in the yard to walk and he asks questions only to him and finds the answers. And he is always interested in finding additional information to the studied at school.

About 30 years ago there was no Internet. Everything new and interesting-could be read only in books. Encyclopedias were the main source of quick information. It was necessary to sit in library often: read much does not happen. And here is — ended school, medical College and admission in University. The best of the best go there. Of course, we are talking about those who go exactly by vocation, by the call of the heart.

From the second year, these guys wanted to "dive" deeper, plunge headlong into the world of medicine. A lecture was not enough. And passionate about medicine, the student went to train in the hospital. Eagerly catching every word of the doctors who listened to patients. Gained experience, hardened. It was here that he realized that all his life he had been preparing for this path — to save people. Be a doctor.

Being a doctor is a calling

the life of Dr

Sickness, tears, fear, suffering. How to remain in the midst of endless pain persistent, courageous, clearly and correctly thinking? How to revive health and hope itself, to teach patients to overcome the disease to live again and breathe deeply? Not to be afraid, to make informed decisions, to compare the invisible, to solve the mysteries of conditionally identical, but such different human organisms. Can everyone be a doctor?

In psychology revealed and proven mental people who can serve in medicine. A person is born with a specific set of desires and properties. Only by realizing himself according to natural properties, a person can be an excellent specialist at work and happy in society.

Our people...

Our team consists of about 30 specialists in different areas. More than 10 people are not related to medicine. These are technical specialists who are directly engaged in maintaining, layout, this site.

More than 15 excellent medical staff:

  • Pharmaceutists
  • Pharmacists
  • Technical specialists (pharmacy profile)
  • Gynecologists
  • Venereologists
  • Urologists

What drives us?

Every year, thousands of women around the world are diagnosed with "infertility".

Health problems and psychological factors prevent conception and subsequent gestation. Infertility is registered in both sexes, but more often the cause in childless marriages are deviations in women.

female infertility increases with age

This is a threat to our society. After all, the termination of procreation – this is the extinction of mankind.

And who to deal with this issue, if not narrowly focused professionals. Which we are.

In addition, this issue has not bypassed our team side.

Our gains…

We've come this way dozens, maybe hundreds of times. It was possible to return the opportunity to get pregnant in very difficult cases. Once brought to the birth of the fetus girl after removal of one ovary and partially preserved cervix.

Direction of development

Infertility can be absolute, and this condition is associated with congenital underdevelopment or poor performance of the genitals. However, infertility is much more common as a result of the disease-inflammation, adhesions, impaired sperm motility in men, endocrine disorders.

We promote the introduction of a healthy lifestyle. This helps most people get rid of infertility. Besides, it's just nice to take care of your body. A healthy lifestyle contributes to its strengthening, stability and strength. This is so only under one condition. You need to use all its components. There are a variety of classifications. We chose a simple and meaningful. In our opinion, a healthy lifestyle includes:

  1. proper diet
  2. sports(bodybuilding)
  3. personal hygiene
  4. different types of hardening
  5. giving up or minimizing bad habits

Transition from infertility to the sports world.

1. In 80% of cases it helps
2. In 10% this + a bit pharmaceutical drugs
3. In 5% it is + Operation
4. In 5% it is absolute infertility

In any of the above scenarios, you win. Because of the active lifestyle you acquire acquaintances. The world begins to play in other colors.

Frequent strength training has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. They are also one of the best means to combat excess subcutaneous fat. Bodybuilding classes strengthen heart health, during the training, the blood vessels become more elastic. Bodybuilding helps to revive small capillaries, which tend to gradually fade with age. Also, the pressure is normalized – at high loads, the capillaries open better, the volume of circulating blood increases, and additional blood circulation breaks through the cholesterol plaques in the vessels.


Since 2015, we have nurtured the idea of creating such a project. Meet him here.


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