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Mathis review

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Lorraine Mathis

San Antonio / 32

I'm a young mother. I realized that online communication with other moms does not suit me, I needed a knowledge base. There is not everything, but what I read I came. Once in a while.

Lowell review

★ ★ ★ ★

Bruno Lowell

Clinton / 35

Very interesting resource. Everything is easily explained. I especially was helped by the councils for PCT. Took steroids to gain muscle mass and thought which of the drugs to use. He stopped at Clomid. The result of the rules.

c11 review

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C 11

USA / 99

There's a certain weirdness... about bodybuilding and pregnancy — how does it even fit together?? But the information is structured and easy to read.

Williams review

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D Williams

Gillette / 14

The lack of advertising is a very big plus. There are no Intrusive banners. Only articles that do not need registration and other unnecessary procedures. You come in and get answers to questions about ovulation.

Ronald H review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ronald H.

LA / 36

By the way, here on the main page there is a link to buy the drug-Clomiphene citrate. Naturally generic. Ordered myself on PCT to restore LH and FSH levels after steroids. Came in 5 days in LA US. The quality of the usual-blister. Made In India. Importantly quickly and without prescriptions. The courier brought it home. There are no consequences. PCT went great.

Jeffrey C. Temple review

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Jeffrey C. Temple

Dallas / 41

Did not know with the wife that it is necessary to plan sexual intercourse under ovulation. Engaged in regular sex, but at the time of ovulation obtained pause. In end 3 month began to to think, that there is infertility she has or I have. On 4 th month all broke a. And just what was needed to calculate the start date of ovulation.

Bruce R review

★ ★ ★ ★

Bruce R

Muncie / 33

The parcel arrived at the post office in 10 days. Track to track. A message came from the post office. The next day he took it. The wife's ovulation induction went well. Tests showed an increase in follicles. But this time it didn't work. We try further. The drug works.

Anne Laroche review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Anne R. Laroche

Cleburne / 27

In the process of visits to the reproductologist, I was prescribed the drug Serophen-the active substance "clomiphen", an analogue-Clomid. It is necessary to stimulate ovulation. At first I was afraid that there would be side effects, after all, these are hormones. Four cycles went relatively well-the weight did not change, mood swings were not observed more than what always accompanied these days. To be honest, I did not want to write a review about the pills-they worked, and okay, but recently on one of the forums I was amazed at how many girls-women are ready to try some drugs without a visit to the doctor - on the principle of "someone got pregnant after taking pills, so I can try". Take the drug yourself in any case can not, it is prescribed STRICTLY by a doctor after numerous tests. Buy it just because someone he helped-you can not! GO TO THE DOCTOR! And only then read the reviews and look for the drug.

Mrs. Mendez review

★ ★

Mrs. Mendez

Jackson / 40

My opinion is that Clomid is a drug of the last century, now there are modern and more effective drugs. If you decide to stimulate the ovaries, then do it only after a full examination and under the supervision of a doctor. He didn't help me. Although it may have been in the treatment itself and its control tests, which were not prescribed during ovulation.

AgnesA review

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Eugene / 38

Packaging clomid cost about $25, in a jar 10 tablets, on the first cycle usually lack 5 tablets, in next cycle under inadequacy answer ovaries dose increase. The scheme is prescribed by a doctor, someone is prescribed from the fifth day of the cycle, someone from the second day. I was assigned different schemes, but only helped 3 times.

Super Florence review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Super Florence

Washington / 43

I want to immediately note that before taking this drug, I passed all the necessary tests and consulted with my doctor. Was tested for FSH (Folliculo-stimulating hormone). Before taking and when taking tablets, ovulation should be monitored by ultrasound (called "Folliculometry"). I did not have my own ovulation and "Clomid" helped me to solve this problem from the second course of treatment in combination with the hormonal drug "Duphaston". I took it from day 5 to day 9, one tablet a day. Side effects I noticed was not although when taking the medicine I had a pain in the lower abdomen, but this may be my physiological feature. Weight gain, too. He brought joy to our home and replenishment in the family. I am glad that in our century with such women's problems you can conceive and bear a child.

Lidia E review

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Lidia E.

Charlotte / 26

My husband's doctor prescribed clomiphene to improve the quality of sperm. he has been taking this drug for 4 weeks. 2 more to go. The analyses show positive dynamics. is it possible to plan a pregnancy now? or is it better to wait until the next cycle? I ovulate in a week, I'm afraid that these pills will not affect the health of the baby, which we plan to conceive.

William Cork review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

William O. Cork

Atlanta / 31

"Clomid generic" cured oligospermia and helped in the long-awaited conception. I have with the second weeks reception has improved spermogram. My wife finally got pregnant and now we are expecting a long-awaited baby. But do not treat this medicine as some kind of magic remedy. The reason that conception does not occur can be not only male health and his oligospermia. Both spouses need to be examined to get to the root of the problem. We are very happy – mission accomplished!!

★ ★ ★ ★


Prior Lake / 49

The drug is approved for use not only for women. Men can use it for oligospermia. So I did. The doctor watched the results. Took 6 weeks. Sperm gained the desired mobility and quantity in the ejaculate. But it still doesn't work. Maybe because of my age.


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