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Dear visitors of the site, for all your questions, please write to the feedback form at the bottom of this page. Your letter will be processed, we will give recommendations on doctors and drugs. To explain the problem to our specialists, be prepared to briefly talk about the disease, have your medical documents nearby, if any. If our specialist is not able to give answers to your questions, he will forward you to a doctor or pharmacist directly working in this direction.

For a productive conversation with your doctor, be ready to provide all available medical documentation in a timely manner, quickly and concisely formulate the question.

You will be answered in detail and promptly. We welcome the attached files, in which anyone can send a form of tests, conclusions of doctors of related specialties, etc.

Track your order

After making the transition to the payment page, you will go through the order confirmation process. The e-mail field will be mandatory in the suggested fields. Indicate it really exists and that your e-mail that you use. Because it will be sent to the shipping code of the goods. In the letter there will also be a link to find out where your parcel is at the moment. Please provide valid data in the order form. Our doctor or pharmacist can call the phone number you specify.

Do not pull if you feel very bad

Often, based on the characteristics of the device of medical care, patients require urgent or emergency care, discussion of possible hospitalization and the scope of medical care. Such situations are not that rare, but commonplace, that is, what each of us has to face. Having a great practical experience in medicine, oddly enough, but to give good advice to the patient on the phone in an emergency is not an option. In such cases, contact the emergency services for help:

  • ambulance
  • rescue service

call 911

Turning there you will get a quick local therapy. Aimed at restoring your body at the moment. In these situations, reading forums and communicating by correspondence with doctors at a distance can be a fatal mistake.

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