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Clomiphene citrate 50mg - fertility restorative treatment in men and women

Clomiphen citrate chemical formula

Clomiphene citrate is the active ingredient (component) of antiestrogenic drugs. The substance sublimated and turned into tablets can be of different colors. Most often a light yellow color. It is used in a wide range. One tablet of the drug contains 50 mg of the active substance, as well as some inactive ingredients: tasteless granular powders of edible plants, synthesized extracts of natural origin, calcium powder, gelatin and ground corn additives, cane or other sugar.

Clomiphen citrate tablets

On the basis of this substance are produced such drugs as Clomid, Serophen, Clostilbegyt. The first of them is very widely used not only by those who want to get offspring, but also by athletes. For them, the positive effect of the drug is considered to be the correction of hormonal deviations after steroid drugs.

Composition and dosage forms

Clomiphene is available in tablets. They have a cylinder shape and a dividing line on both sides. Most often white. The main active substance-clomiphene citrate in a dosage of 0.05 g. Additional components: lactose, natural starch, magnesium stearate, talc and gelatin. Tablets are placed in a contour cell pack of 10 PCs. each. In 1 pack of cardboard is 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10 packages. Medications can be found in the banks of dark glass, each 10 PCs tablets. Pharmacological group Clomiphene refers to antiestrogenic agents designed to eliminate problems with fertility.

What effect does the substance have on the body?

Once in the body, the active ingredient makes contact with the system of nerve endings(receptors). The most powerful ligament is formed in the hypothalamus. Because of this, the body begins to rise the level of some hormones. This flow captures follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). All this movement differently affects the female and male organisms. The woman begins to produce estrogen in a male body the testes produce testosterone.

The main direction of treatment is due to stimulation of the ovulatory mechanism. Clomiphene is not a direct pathogen stimulating the production of eggs from the ovaries. Its effect is achieved by affecting the pituitary gland. Deceiving him, he sends a pulse to the powerful production of follicles. There is no direct effect on the egg and ovaries.

Clomiphene pituitary gland hypothalamus

As a result of tests on the drug, it is known that ovulation provocation occurs due to estrogenic and antiestrogenic properties of the substance. In the same test, it is noted that two identical molecules of substance combine estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects. In this case, at any time there is a modification from one property to another. Many years of experience with this drug has given doctors the exact belief that cyclomiphene is more active than anclomiphene.

The substance has no effect on the time of fetal conception, on steroid and non-steroid provocation of male and female hormones. In addition, the influence of clomiphene does not affect any of the processes of communication of the pituitary gland with the adrenal and thyroid glands.

Most patients of both sexes easily tolerate the effect of the drug. Very rare in women there have been cases of unexpected menstruation ovulatory origin.

How is this drug used in medicine?

For men

The drug is prescribed to men with androgenic insufficiency, with oligospermia and delayed sexual and physical development in adolescents. The drug "Clomiphene citrate" is popular in gynecology as a tool that can help a woman with diagnosed ovarian dysfunction, ranging from minor deviations to serious pathologies. For women, this drug is indicated for uterine bleeding, postcontractive amenorrhea, galactorrhea, which arose on the background of a tumor, as well as for polycystic ovaries the result will not take long.

Clomiphene for women uses

The main thing is to accurately determine the causes of the pathological condition and make an adequate therapeutic course. Since "Clomiphene" tablets with a strong effect, their long-term use is impractical. And to prevent this, the doctor must determine the exact time to start the course. To do this, for example, a woman with anovulatory infertility is offered to undergo an ovulation test (usually it is done from the twelfth to the fifteenth day with a 28-day cycle or from the eleventh to the twentieth with irregular), which helps to clarify the dates of the first and last day of treatment.

For women induction of ovulation

Induction of ovulation (stimulation of the process of maturation of the egg with the help of special drugs), as a rule, is shown to patients with rare menstruations, those who do not have them, and those whose cause of infertility can not be found out. All of them are usually prescribed the most effective for such cases, according to experts, the drug, which is "Clomiphene". Reviews of practitioners confirm that it should be taken for five days at the beginning of the cycle (the standard dose is 50 mg per day before bedtime, regardless of food intake).

The induction process should be monitored by a specialist, checking its results with the help of ultrasound, basal temperature measurements and determining the amount of estrogen in the blood. As a rule, as a result of drug exposure, ovulation occurs 5 days after the last dose of the drug, but in some patients it may take from 18 to 23 days. In such cases, the development of follicles is monitored by ultrasound. By the way, taking the drug "Clomiphene" increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies.

What could be the negative consequences?

Clomiphene citrate, despite its modernity and superiority over non-selective antiestrogens of the last generation, is still able to show the same side effects, albeit not to such a pronounced extent. The first reason is the lack of affinity of the drug molecules with molecules affected by the action of hormones.

List of side effects:

  • Non-bacterial pyosmermia

    In which sperm begin to show white blood cells. Occurs in 14% of men treated with clomiphene citrate. The likelihood of this effect increases when you are over 35 years of age. The cause of pyospermia in the treatment of this drug is still not understood.

  • Changes in vision

    Characterized by plumes, photophobia and ripples on the periphery of the review, the causes of which can not be found even with the help of ophthalmological research. Provided, that these effects commonly realized temporary, they can not undergo even in for 2-7 years after the end of the treatment. This side effect is quite rare, about 1.5% of patients, but it should be mentioned.

    Also, the course of clomiphene reported the occurrence of cataracts, optic neuritis, macular edema, photopsia, retinal hemorrhage, retinal spasm and temporary loss of vision. There are rare reports of temporary but serious reduced visual acuity (blindness). Visual symptoms are accentuated when exposed to bright light. These effects may impair the patient's ability to operate machinery, particularly a car.

  • Changes in the digestive system

    Such as: increased or decreased appetite, abdominal pain and nausea.

  • Adverse effects on the Central nervous system (CNS)
In the event of visual impairment, clomiphene therapy should be discontinued immediately and a full ophthalmic examination should be performed.

In most cases, clomiphene induced visual changes are reversible within a few days after discontinuation of the drug.

When not to take this drug?

It should be mentioned that this tool is taken orally, while well absorbed and metabolized by the liver. Its half-life is typically 5 to 7 days. Available on the drug "Clomiphene" reviews warn of contraindications to its use.

It can not be prescribed: pregnant women, patients with severe violations of the liver or kidneys, uterine bleeding of unknown etiology, ovarian cyst, tendency to thrombosis, tumors or pituitary function, as well as in the presence of malignant and benign tumors in the genitals. All of these diseases are a serious obstacle to the appointment of this drug, so they should be promptly reported to the attending physician.

Pharmacological effect of the drug

The mechanism of action is based on blocking the binding of free estradiol with specific receptors of the ovaries and the anterior pituitary. The desired effect is manifested even with a small content of estrogen in the body. If the concentration increases, then the effect of the drug improves. Since the composition is citrate, ie acid, it provides a good link with the active substance estrogenic receptors.

This bond provides excellent anti-estrogenic effects. Clomiphene refers to antiestrogenic drugs designed to eliminate fertility problems.

Small doses of the drug can stimulate the appearance of ovulation. This is made possible by inhibiting feedback and improving the secretory capabilities of gonadotropins, which include prolactin, luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones.

lh fsh uses in males and females

Large doses of medication only inhibit the secretion of gonadotropins and growth hormone.

The drug does not show any progestogenic and androgenic activity.

When ingestion is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract.

Metabolism occurs in the liver.

The half-life is about 7 days. The substance is excreted from the body along with urine and feces.

Special instruction

After using the drug greatly increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies. Treatment is carried out only under the strict supervision of a specialist. He should always monitor the function of the ovaries, monitor various changes relating to the state of the cervix. Therapy will be effective only if there is enough estrogen in the body. If the concentration of estrogen hormones is low, the drug will have virtually no therapeutic effect.

It is not recommended to prescribe the drug to patients with kidney and liver failure.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy and lactation, the Active substance actively penetrates the protective barrier of the placenta and can have an adverse effect on the development and formation of the fetus. Therefore, the use of such treatment during pregnancy is not recommended. The active compound penetrates into breast milk, which can negatively affect the formation of the hormonal background of the child. Therefore, you cannot take the drug during breastfeeding. The active compound penetrates into breast milk, which can negatively affect the formation of the hormonal background of the child.

What can happen if you overdose?

Under the right admission, standards overdose be should not. With the occasional single use of a large dose of Clomiphene, overdose symptoms such as nausea and vomiting may occur, less often a rush of blood to the face and a decrease in vision. Sometimes the effect of the active compound on other organs and systems, especially on the kidneys, is aggravated.

the use of clomiphene with renal failure is prohibited

Treatment will be to reduce the dose to a minimum or complete abolition of funds, after which all manifestations disappear on their own. If this does not happen, detoxification therapy may be needed. Completely remove toxins from the body will help only hemodialysis.

Interoperability and compatibility

No data on the interaction of Clomiphene with other groups of drugs has not been described. The drug is compatible with gonadotropins. It is established that ethanol has a negative effect on estrogen receptors, so the tablets should not be combined with substances that include alcohol. Do not combine medication with alcoholic beverages.

You Cannot combine medication with alcoholic beverages. This can lead to aggravation of symptoms of intoxication, and the therapeutic effect of the drug is greatly reduced. The effect of the active substance on the estrogen receptors slows down, so the effect of the tablets taken, if you abuse alcohol, almost does not appear.

Patient feedbacks

Jamess review

★ ★ ★ ★


Denver / 51

"There were poor sperm counts. The doctor advised to drink a course of Clomiphene. After three months of treatment, the tests improved significantly. There was a lot more good and mobile sperm. Even the General state of health has stabilized. Increased sexual desire. I started taking more care of myself. Now again trying to conceive with wife and child. I hope that everything will work out."

Daniel review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Florida / 45

"My wife and I could not get pregnant for a long time. Doctors even put infertility. But another doctor advised both to be treated with these pills. My wife was prescribed them for 10 days to stimulate ovulation, and for me — for 3 months to increase testosterone levels. The medication did the impossible. Both my Tests and my wife's showed excellent results. On ultrasound ovulation resumed. The spermogram is much better. It took a while to get pregnant. After a couple of months I had to repeat the course of treatment. My wife should be giving birth soon. The treatment helped us."

Michael review


Los Angeles / 29

"Prescribed a course of clomiphene tablets to restore libido. But no tangible effect after a course of treatment, I myself did not feel. Only adverse reactions did not allow to live normally. Sexual desire and remained at the same level. I did a spermogram, but there were no significant changes there either. I do not recommend this medicine to men who want to achieve a lasting effect. Maybe I should have tried an analogue."


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