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What are we doing?

We, medical Internet project HandHHealth.com designed to provide professional, up-to-date and case-tested information on pregnancy and bodybuilding.

Why these directions? And how are they connected?


On the who we are page, we've been going over this question a bit. Today, 2019 and the issues of the complexity of the continuation of the human race are of particular relevance. Ecology, food preservatives and more have an impact on the development of both female and male infertility. Modern families are faced with the problem of conception of the first, and often second child. Infertility is not always absolute. More often it can be treated.

girl fitness to pregnant

In most cases, it is enough to change the attitude to your body and rebuild it on the sport. We have faced many cases, and sometimes this approach is not enough. Then you need to turn to the help of medicines. The most problematic cases require surgery. And only less than 1% of cases are incurable.


The goal of this sport is to build a perfect body. To date, look fit - it's the rules of good manners. If you respect yourself, you look fit. This is only possible by working the right weights performing the right exercises.

In addition to external beauty bodybuilding gives results in the shortest possible time. Working with large weights, you load the body as much as possible. Under heavy load pumped the entire circulatory system, to the smallest capillary. This makes it possible to get rid of stagnation in all parts of the body. As a result, there is a stimulating effect on the reproductive system.

This is the goal we are pursuing. We're bypassing fertility treatment. But at the same time we begin to play sports. As a result, we get the result!

Motto: bodybuilding to get pregnant

What areas will we cover?

All pregnancy related topics:

  • infertility
  • ovulation
  • food
  • analyses
  • tests
  • preparation
  • drugs
  • and others

What you need for bodybuilding:

  1. preparations
  2. training
  3. food
  4. rest

Where do we get information for our articles?

The main source of information on the site are our practices, which we apply in our medical practice. But it is not necessary to project completely, the examples described by us on yourself. Because your case may be different from ours. And the methods we use in a particular case will give you a negative result. Check out our Disclaimer in the right block and the Medical Disclaimer at the bottom of each page.

The rest we collect from open sources. In collecting information for the project we resort to the help:

  • medical encyclopedia
  • specialized medical communities
  • patient organization
  • international research associations, such as the NHS


The HandHHealth.com project does not purport to replace specialists in the fields related to the articles posted here. The main direction – INFORMING, increasing the level of theoretical knowledge and entertainment of visitors. Please note that all information is collected from open sources, so there may be errors, inaccuracies, in some cases, distortion of meaning. For assistance in correcting incorrect data, please contact us via the CONTACTS page. The site may contain links to other resources. We can not and are not responsible for the articles, products, pictures, videos located on them. If in the process of using the site you find advertising, any kind of content, the rightholder of which may make a claim, please let us know through the feedback form.
Weekly we are engaged in content adjustments update articles, add new ones. At the same time, we admit that we are not able to fully cover the niches. Therefore, we apologize for the inability to instantly change and Supplement the project with modern information. The editors do not apply automation for content adjustments.
HandHHealth.com does not consult on treatments and medical products, including prescription and non-prescription drugs. Our team spends a lot of time collecting and bringing to readability the text collected by our companion. We are not responsible for collecting and comparing the relevance, uniqueness of this information. This site has the character of an information Board and is not responsible for the content.