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Seven primary issues in the planning and course of pregnancy. Preparation for childbirth.

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PREPARING for ANY BIG DEAL makes LIFE MUCH EASIER — and pregnancy is no exception. Carrying a child is inevitably stressful, but planning helps to minimize it. However, not all women who think about the child, there is someone to look up to, and the first trip to the doctor someone can even scare. How, in principle, to approach such an important and complex life stage as pregnancy and the birth of a child: why you need planning, what you should prepare for and what prejudices you should not believe.

How to prepare yourself for conceiving a child?

First, this preparation applies to both partners, unless it is artificial insemination. In any case, it must come to this. Therefore, for the conception of the first child in a natural way, both should be prepared.

3 areas of training:

  • testing and health promotion
  • the solution of everyday problems
  • creating the right mental attitude

Concrete steps (applies to both partners, if on direct not concerns one – the are helping each other):

  1. Calculation of ovulation

    This time you need to know exactly to activate sexual acts during its course and within 2-4 days after. These are the days when there will be maximum efficiency.

  2. Quitting Smoking and alcohol

    There is nothing to explain – we are preparing for pregnancy! A child for life. It needs not only to conceive, but also to give birth. Deviations can occur at any moment. Why increase their probability. We refuse and get healthy before our eyes!

  3. Body weight

    We bring this value to the ideal. If primitive, then subtract from its growth(centimeters) 110 and get the answer. But it would be better to define a research Bioimpendancemetria. Will show muscle and fat mass and whether you consume enough protein.

  4. Vitamin B9

    This is the name of folic acid. We bring its level to normal. Its lack can cause pathologies in the fetus.

  5. Gynecological examination

    Visual and instrumental examination on the chair, delivery of a smear from the vagina for tests and hormonal profile. Before pregnancy helps to cut off transmitted diseases from parents to the fetus.

  6. Consultations with doctors

    Geneticist and others. At this stage, it is important to cut off anomalies in the event of pregnancy, so as not to get a mutation in the development of the fetus. Very important for women 35+.

  7. Chronic disease

    At the preparation stage, you need to implement a way to compensate for them. This can be done at the expense of pharmacological means. Goal: to create a stable compensation. Because pregnancy is a process in which all systems of the body will be affected. Sometimes in extreme conditions.

  8. The rejection of hormones

    A successful pregnancy is a very powerful hormonal change in the body. In combination with hormonal drugs, background can occur, which will lead to negative consequences.

  9. Proper diet

    It was possible not to take out in separate point, to leave only weight of a body. But it's important! It is proper nutrition. Here you can approach it as a sport. After all, what you eat is you. It is better to eat more times, but less portions. Divide everything by calories. Count proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber. Download the app that will do it for you. Take from there a daily, weekly diet.

  10. Vitamin E

    Initiates the maturation of the egg in the ovaries. Its deficiency can be the cause of infertility. He's tocopherol. Its absence can be manifested in dry skin, decreased visual acuity, brittle nails.

Naturally, this is not all that may be required for you. But this guidebook can be used as a road map. This is the minimum set of directions that should be followed before conception.

Pay attention to your teeth. Because during the formation of the fetus from the mother's body will take a lot of calcium. And dental health can be shaken.

at the dentist's appointment

Study as many sources as possible. Look at forums, books, subscribe to any thematic online blogs. Gather more information. Informed-armed.

Separately for men. It is not uncommon for the process to fail because of a man. Male infertility occurs in 50% of cases! In other words, half of infertility is male. It is necessary to prepare not less seriously. The basics are the same, but the principle is different.

Sperm is renewed once every 60-90 days. When preparing together, a man needs to upgrade his sperm to healthy ones. This is achieved by nutrition, sports, lack of bad habits. Don't forget about the semen analysis and other tests. It is important to look at infectious and intracellular diseases. If they are present-you need to cure them.

What if it didn't work the first time?

Here can be all it is banal-indications of the predictor (pregnancy test) are not reliable. Try another one or wait for the menstrual cycle to begin. If they are not-then most likely you are pregnant (in the case of a monthly cycle).

pregnancy testt indications are wrong

If all of the above is not in your favor, then you need to look deeper for the reason. The main thing is not to give up and understand that this is not infertility. The reason may be-not getting sperm into the egg during ovulation. Otherwise, the sexual act was planned at the wrong time. The best time for this is 4 days after ovulation. Ovulation begins on day 11-12 of the cycle. It can be determined by indirect signs:

  • Change in basal body temperature
  • Increased desire for sex
  • Increased appetite

But these methods are not accurate. The pharmacy sells test strips to determine ovulation. Used as a pregnancy test. You need to put it in a glass of urine and wait. A more accurate method will be folliculometry on ultrasound.

Keep in mind:

The probability of conceiving a perfectly healthy woman from a perfectly healthy man is only 25% in one menstrual cycle.

Therefore, it is worth trying in the next cycle. Follow the preparation guidelines. This will not only strengthen your fertility, but also give information about which partner is more vulnerable.

The main thing is not to give up!!!

What are the possible causes of infertility?

If during the year you can not conceive a child naturally, then we can talk about infertility. But do not despair. Of the total number of infertile couples, 40-60% can have their children in the future as a result of proper treatment. The causes of infertility can be:

  1. Female
    • Adhesions in the pelvis
    • Uterine abnormalities or lack Thereof
    • Fallopian tube Obstruction
    • Prolonged absence of the first pregnancy
  2. Male
    • Damage to the spermatogenic epithelium
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Ejaculatory disorders
    • Anatomical changes of male genitals

In addition there are common reasons that do not have a gender identity. These are hormonal, genetic, chromosomal disorders and other viral and infectious diseases.

Depending on the cause, the method of treatment is selected.

How to treat infertility?

There are absolute and relative infertility. With absolute — a woman is not able to conceive because of irreversible anatomical changes in the body (absence of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc.). Whereas the relative is curable. In addition, there are primary infertility — if a woman has not had any pregnancy, and secondary-when there is no re-pregnancy.

female infertility

To traditional methods of treatment include:

  • Conservative (medical)
  • Surgical

With medication, the following drugs are used:

  1. Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)
  2. Urinary gonadotropins (combination of FSH and LH)
  3. Recombinant gonadotropins
  4. Antibiotics(for infectious diseases)
  5. Corticosteroids(for imunological infertility)

The main task of reproductive surgery is the use of modern minimally invasive technologies (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), allowing access to the organs of the abdominal cavity and pelvis, as well as to carry out diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations.

In case when traditional, medical and surgical, methods of treatment do not yield results, resort to assisted reproductive technologies:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)

    Sperm and egg merge outside the body of a woman and a man.

  • Intrauterine insemination

    Insertion of male sperm into a woman's uterus by means of a catheter.

  • Egg donation

    In violation of the function of reproduction of eggs.

  • Surrogacy

    This is when a woman related to a barren couple agrees to carry their child.

How to develop and develop a fetus?

It is always important to remember that all the emotions of the mother to the smallest nuances are transmitted to the baby in the tummy, and her good mood, he immediately responds with calm behavior and well-being. Therefore, it is more important for expectant mothers than anyone to be in harmony with the body and with their baby.

Practice, meditate, relax! Listen to soothing music. It will give a great mood and peace of mind during yoga, meditation and throughout the day!

yoga meditation

Throughout pregnancy, you should not do laser and photoepilation, electroepilation, visit the Solarium. Therapeutic physiotherapy should be prescribed only strictly according to indications.

Discuss with your doctor whether you need to take tablet vitamins and minerals, folic acid. Other pills take only on prescription.

To combat drowsiness, which is a normal sign of pregnancy, you can not use stimulants-tincture of ginseng, coffee (if you have not used it before) and more.

Ensure yourself a full minimum of 8-hour sleep in a well-ventilated room. Get out in the fresh air more. Enter into your daily routine Hiking to improve blood circulation and supply nutrients to the baby.

Do whatever you want, but don't:

  1. Smoke
  2. Drinking alcohol
  3. Drug
  4. Fast and junk food
  5. Overload yourself physically
  6. Little sleep

What can be emergency situations during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, moms are very focused on their health. And this is due not only to their desire, but also instinct. As a result, even a harmless little thing can arouse their suspicion. Sometimes it can be justified, and sometimes cause inconvenience and problems to yourself and others.

reasons to call an ambulance

There are several reasons why the expectant mother is strongly advised to call an ambulance. In such cases, waiting tactics or embarrassment can lead to sad consequences. After all, timely medical care during pregnancy can solve many health problems. In what cases do we seek emergency medical care:

  1. When bleeding

    Can go on any term. Even if not abundant, and smearing. May be accompanied by dizziness, weakness, abdominal pain and lower back, as well as a sudden change in fetal motor activity. They can be caused by:

    • Abortion

      Miscarriage is considered early termination of pregnancy itself at a time when the fetus is not yet capable of life outside the womb, up to 22-24 weeks. Bleeding during a miscarriage begins as small, smearing, but increases. Almost always they are accompanied by cramping pains in the lower abdomen, as well as increased uterine tone.

    • Placental presentation

      Under normal during pregnancy placenta is located in area trawling uterine cervix (bottom uterine cervix – this its upper part of). When presenting, the placenta is attached to the cervix and blocks the exit from it. Such bleeding often begins without pain and spasms, but are frequent and quite abundant.

    • Premature detachment of the placenta

      Detachment occurs in late pregnancy and is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, uterine hypertonicity, severe weakness and dizziness.

  2. Abdominal pains

    Every woman can often worry about abdominal pain during pregnancy. So, in the first half of pregnancy, short-term aching or stabbing pain in the lower abdomen and lower back are usually associated with the growth of the uterus.

    However, some abdominal pain during pregnancy should alert you. So, regular aching pain in the early stages of pregnancy, similar to the pain before menstruation, can indicate the threat of miscarriage. Also, a sign of premature birth can be severe pain in the lower back. At the same time such pains are not necessarily accompanied by bleeding.

  3. Gestosis

    A group of symptoms that should alert the expectant mother:

    • headache (in the back of the head and temples);
    • shroud before the eyes, flashing dots and " flies»;
    • nausea, vomiting;
    • too sluggish state or, conversely, increased excitability;
    • pressure increase;
    • convulsions (including twitching in the face, neck, arms, legs) and loss of consciousness with convulsions).
  4. Exacerbation of disease

    During pregnancy, the course of various diseases that have already been in the woman before her onset can be aggravated. These include:

    • Renal colic;
    • Bronchial asthma;
    • Quincke Edema;
  5. Childbirth

    It is important not to panic ahead of time and call an ambulance with the real reasons for the onset of labor. To understand this issue is not so difficult: real labor contractions can not be confused with anything. They are regular, appear at regular intervals, their intensity gradually increases, and the intervals between them are reduced. Training fights go with different intervals and their intensity does not increase. If you have determined that the uterus contracts regularly and contractions are already in 10-15 minutes, it's time to call an ambulance and go to the hospital.

How to prepare for childbirth?


First, the expectant mother must learn to breathe properly. The ability to take deep breaths when necessary, breathe quickly and often, as well as hold your breath, will be necessary both in the process of labor contractions and attempts.

Proper breathing will allow a woman to significantly reduce pain, as well as help prevent the appearance of tears and cracks in the perineum. In order to learn proper breathing, a woman can attend special courses for pregnant women, and just watch the video of preparation for childbirth, where specially trained instructors will explain everything in an accessible and understandable way.


fear of childbirth

Psychological prenatal preparation is very important. Often it is fear that causes abnormal labor activity, weakness of labor forces. Overcoming fears and anxieties is important to ensure that the birth took place safely and quickly. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the girl almost from childhood is hammered into the head that childbirth is painful and hard. Such scenes are in films, negative examples are in literature, even in classic children's fairy tales, where the Queen dies in childbirth, not having endured the torment. As a result, a girl, a girl, a woman forms a persistent block that triggers the processes of animal horror before childbirth.

It may sound strange, but there are almost no pain receptors in the tissues of the uterus, so birth pain exists only in the head of the woman in labor. The more she is afraid, the more pain will be-this is the basic rule of hypnotherapy before childbirth.


For the intimate area

During physiological childbirth, the load on the pelvic floor muscles is always incredibly high. Reduce the likelihood of injury to the perineum, tears, weak disclosure of the cervix will help gymnastic exercises.

  • It is necessary to compress the muscles of the vagina as much as possible and keep them in this state for a minute, then relax as much as possible. Repeat at least twenty times;
  • Alternately, with a frequency of a few seconds to relax and compress the muscles of the vagina.


Cracks, painful wounds on the nipples often stop the process of feeding the baby in an event quite painful. To prevent them, a woman during pregnancy is recommended to properly approach the hygiene of the mammary glands, especially when colostrum begins to be produced.

Wash your Breasts with warm water, without soap, at least twice a day. The supporting bra for pregnant women will facilitate unpleasant heavy feelings which are accompanied by increase in number of lobules of a mammary gland in the course of carrying of the child.


If possible, you should take daily long walks. You need to walk slowly, enjoying the peace and fresh air as much as possible.


First of all, daily relaxation during pregnancy contributes to the formation of the birth dominant. Everything that we can really do to facilitate our childbirth depends on the generic dominant. This is the last resultant lever that determines the impact of a woman in labor on her labor.

Secondly, relaxation is a good analgesic in childbirth, as it promotes relaxation of the body and peace of mind, as well as stimulates the production of endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

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