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Top six questions to start bodybuilding

5 faqs to start bodybuilding

Over the years, scientists have studied volunteers who have devoted their lives to bodybuilding, and here's what they found-in addition to the development of strong muscles, bodybuilding is the most beneficial effect on the human body and its health. First of all, classes in the gym slow down the aging process. Powerful loads affect the rate of metabolism, which slows down with age. If you combine training with selected sports nutrition, you can feel great in old age. But in order not to make mistakes at the start you need to understand. Let's get started…

How to start building your body?

A beginner who has decided to become a bodybuilder, it is not enough just to visit the gym. It is necessary to have a sufficient stock of knowledge and basic principles of bodybuilding. Otherwise, it will be simply impossible to make a rational training program. A solid Foundation allows the novice bodybuilder to adapt to regular strength exercise. The main thing is to approach the training process competently and not to load yourself immediately. There should be no rush. The core of bodybuilding is the proper distribution between exercise and recovery combined with a balanced diet.

What knowledge will be required?

First and foremost, the construction of the body will require you to rebuild all systems of the body. Not always this process will give pleasure. Be ready for that. But it is not necessary to depart from the goal. Have a beautiful, well-groomed body and as a consequence a healthy body – it's worth it!

bodybuilding knowledge

Physical activity will require you to effectively restore and the right set of vitamins and nutrients. Some of this you can get from food. Something will need to be consumed in the form of tablets, etc. But all gradually…

It is also worth exploring for yourself:

  • physiology
  • dietetics
  • exercise technique
  • exercises themselves

If you do not have time for all this, then hire an individual coach. It will lead in all directions. Will make for you an individual training schedule, diet, exercise. He will teach the technique of performing exercises, will monitor the build-up of loads.

How to choose a system of training and exercises?

The easiest way is an individual coach, instructor. He'll do it all for you.

That, if there is desire to deal or there is no Finance on this. In any case, no one knows your body better than you. Having understood the main points - you will be able to adjust the load for yourself. This will give maximum effect.

individual exercise

There is a wide range of different programs, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. It all depends on the goals.

You will have to make a choice yourself on the basis of goals and physical characteristics of the body. When choosing consider the presence and capacity of physical activity at the moment. The program for beginners will be different from the program for repurposing a gymnast into a bodybuilder. So is the program for a one-year-old athlete from a five-year-old athlete.

Let's talk about the basic principles:

  • train with two days rest
  • use split (top, bottom
  • increase the load gradually
    1. number of repetitions +3-6
    2. working weight + 0.5-2.0 kg
  • learn the correct technics of the exercise

How should a bodybuilder eat?

Not only beginners, but also professionals can not immediately pick up the right food to achieve results. The menu is determined by the goals and schedule of strength training. Possible target:

  • fat burning
  • a young athlete
  • set of weight

All the products that an athlete consumes have their own energy value. It is calculated in calories per day. The total number of calories needed for an athlete is divided by the number of meals. It is further divided between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

sport nutrition

Approximate daily doses:

Goal Kcal per day Carbohydrates
Beginner 2400 – 2600 200 200 100
Fat burning 1900 – 2100 150 150 85
A set of muscle mass 2950-3100 300 250 100

In addition you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Multiple meals (from 5 meals a day)
  2. Forget about the finished products in the pack (sausages, sausage)
  3. Drink enough water a day (at least 300mg per 10kg of body weight)
  4. The right carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat; muffins and cakes)
  5. Pure protein (beef, chicken, fish) every 2 hours

How to recover the body after exercise?

Recovery involves the return of physical condition to normal and adaptation to further loads to improve athletic performance. The body recovers in 3 stages:

  • Rapid recovery
  • Slow recovery
  • Restore to pre-load state

Rapid - occurs in the first 30 minutes after training. The most favorable time for the use of glucose and minerals. Therefore, during training, you need to drink mineral water. At this time it is not necessary for you to eat.

Slow -comes through gender hour and lasts until 2 days. At this point, there is a recovery of cells and tissues that have received microtrauma during training. The best time to take purified protein.

Restore to the state before loads – do not wait for it. After all, if the body restores its balance to the training level-there will be a regression in your sports development. Therefore, do not miss training. This stage comes on 3-4 day.

recover body in swimingpool

To recover effectively you need:

  • Observe the sleep mode (do not sleep immediately after training, sleep continuously at night, the pillow and mattress must be orthopedic)
  • Do not stop immediately after a workout (do stretching or cardio exercises at an easy pace)
  • Eat right
  • Drink water with minerals
  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Swim in the pool
  • Take medication

What drugs can be used for bodybuilding?

All permitted drugs and tablets for sports sold in the pharmacy are divided into several groups depending on the effect produced and the main task:

  1. Muscle growth activators
  2. Vitamin supplements and complexes
  3. Blood flow stimulants
  4. Fat burners and drugs for weight loss
  5. Energy preparations
  6. Enzymes
  7. Antiestrogens and estrogen blockers
  8. Hepatoprotectors

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