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Buy clomid online over the counter

Before buying Clomid, you should understand that it is a synthetic Antiestrogen that belongs to sex hormones. Classical pharmacy refers it to drugs for stimulating ovulation in women, as well as for the treatment of ovarian dysfunction. The spectrum of its application does not end there. It is very widely used and athletes bodybuilders.


Clomid contain the active substance Clomiphene Citrate. Is a hormonal drug. It is used by both women and men. Women this drug will is needed in case impossibility of naturally conceiving child(infertility). Men use this drug when they need therapy after a course of anabolic steroids. In all cases, the use of this drug requires the advice of specialists in the field of pregnancy or bodybuilding. If you can not get advice before using – very carefully read the instructions.

clomid from pharmacy

Price to buy clomid course

Above, we found that the drug can be used in completely different directions, so the way it is used and doses will vary. This in turn will be reflected in the cost. But you need to make a reservation that, come to the pharmacy and buy Clomid can not, because this drug is only available on prescription. Therefore, we will look at the price from available online sources.

The cost of tablets is very different. You need to focus on $4.00 per 50 mg tablet. This is the regular average price on the market for 2019. Of course, you can pay for a tablet and $9.00. But it doesn't make much sense. The quality of the drug will be at the same level.

We will calculate the approximate cost of the Clomid course. However, this figure will differ from the final one. We will not consider insurance that can cover part of the price. In addition, your doctor may add other drugs in parallel, which we can not now include in the count.

Women to stimulate ovulation

The drug is administered in a 5-day course. You need to start from the first or fifth day of menstruation. For this course, 5 tablets of 50mg will be used.

Course duration How to take/ how many pills Number of tablets per course The cost of packing Number of tablets per pack Dosage
5 days 1 time per day / 1 tablet5$47.99 – $119.9930 pills50mg

$47.99 - $119.99

Why such a spread? To be objective, we have indicated the prices of generic drugs (lower bound) and the original version without discounts.

The minimum quantity in the pharmacies analyzed by us was 30 tablets. Therefore, we counted by this number. There are 10 tablets of blisters, but they are very rare.

Note that such a package (30 tablets) will be enough for 6 such courses. For many patients, the indicated amount for the course of clomid will be the total.

Please note that this is a one-time five-day course. It is possible that it will not give results. And then the procedure should be repeated up to 6 times.

Still need to take into account the increase in dosage. Because the reaction may be absent from the lack of the active substance. And instead of 50 mg per day will have to take 150. It is also possible to extend the course from five to 10 days.

Calculate the 6 week course in a dosage of 150mg. This will be the maximum figure. Let's also display it in the table.

Course duration How to take/ how many pills Number of tablets per course The cost of packing Number of tablets per pack Dosage
30 days 1 time per day / 3 tablets90$108.99 – $349.9990 pills50mg

And 6 single for 10 days at a dosage of 50mg…

Course duration How to take/ how many pills Number of tablets per course The cost of packing Number of tablets per pack Dosage
60 days 1 time per day / 1 tablet60$86.99 – $332.9960 pills50mg

The maximum course of clomid for ovulation stimulation will cost $349.99.

Women to treat Amenorrhea and restoration of the menstrual cycle

You can start taking the drug at any time according to the doctor's indication. Appointed by 1 tablet per day with a dosage of 50 mg. Usually 5 day course is enough. The cost of see in spreadsheet higher. If there is no effect, the dosage is increased to 100mg.

Men to treat Oligospermia

As directed by the doctor, the patient begins to take 1 tablet with a dosage of 50 mg in the morning and evening. The duration of treatment can be six weeks. But it is possible to suspend the course earlier. The reference point is the testimony of the spermogram. They are carried out in parallel with the reception of the drug. In case of positive dynamics, the drug is discontinued. The maximum cost of the course:

Course duration How to take/ how many pills Number of tablets per course The cost of packing Number of tablets per pack Dosage
60 days 1 time per day / 1 tablet60$86.99 – $332.9960 pills50mg

Men for PCT(after steroids)

In bodybuilding, to normalize the body after taking steroids, it is necessary to restore the functions of the body. This is what Clomid is used for. Steroid courses can be divided into levels. Depending on the dosage and duration of administration. After course therapy should meet these levels. On complexity there is:

  • Very light
  • Easy
  • Average
  • Heavy
  • Very heavy

Costs for each course:

Level of the course Required number of tablets in a dosage of 50mg Package Size Price per pack
starting course 23 30 $47.99
easy 27 30 $47.99
average 38 60 $86.99
heavy 53 60 $86.99
very heavy 56 60 $86.99

Summary of all courses

Clomid can be used by Women and Men. Women can apply to stimulate ovulation and restore menstrual cycle. The cost of the entire course, if you take the generic version, will not exceed $110. Men will have to spend no more than $90 to recover from steroids and oligospermia.

Clomid Analogues (17)

Not always the drug has the name Clomid®. Here are a few titles that can be:

  • Clomiphene citrate
  • Clomirox
  • Promifen
  • Clomiged
  • Clomed
  • Ikaclomin
  • Clostilbegyt
  • Prolifen
  • Ecoclom
  • Clomit
  • Serophene
  • Clomifene
  • Klomi 50
  • Clomisil
  • Clomiger
  • Clomiver
  • Fertilphen

They are United by the presence Of clomiphene Citrate in the composition as an active substance. Clomid is a brand name. Like Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. It is essentially a Cola. So here: Clomid and Serophene are the names of Clomiphene citrate. Distinguished by their firm manufacturer.

Manufacturers of clomid tablets + photo packages

Around the world, there are about a hundred manufacturers of the drug based on Clomiphene Citrate. Most often firms are based in India. But there are factories in Belgium, France, Italy, USA, Canada. Consider popular:


  2. Clomiphene citrate from the Greek company

    Clomiphene citrate generic anfarm

    Addresses look at the picture. The company was revived in 1967. For more than 50 years engaged in sales of drugs around the world. It has offices in more than seventy countries. He is a supplier to the United Nations Children's Fund, participates in the World Health Organization program.

  3. Teragon labs

  4. Clomid from the Russian company

    Clomid generic Teragon

    The network was able to find only 2 addresses. Probably not real. Information about what year the company exists could not be found. Reviews are quite contradictory. Either very good, probably placed by the manufacturer, or very bad. We will protect ourselves from the use of such a drug.

  5. Euro Pharmaceuticals

  6. Clomid from an unknown origin

    Clomid generic Euro Pharmaceuticals

    We tried to find some contact of this manufacturer and all attempts failed. In addition to the eponymous site there is nothing. With reviews the same situation.

  7. Australian Pharmaceutical Incorporation

  8. Clomed

    Clomed generic Australian Pharmaceutical Incorporation

    API is a large pharmacy chain which includes:

    • Priceline
    • Soul Pattinson Chemists
    • Pharmacist Advice
    • Club Premium

    In total, there are more than 1000 outlets. Naturally, the drugs of this brand are of good quality. The company has been on the market for more than 100 years. In the picture, only a few of the addresses if you want more go to the official website.

  9. Beligas

  10. Clomid from the Belgian pharmaceutical company

    Clomid generic Beligas

    The company started its activity in 2014. The main direction is the development of growth hormone, a real existing and operating company. Has office addresses and phone numbers. The reviews vary. He is of Belgian-Chinese descent.

  11. Gen Pharma

  12. Clomid

    Clomid generic Gen Pharma

    An Indian manufacturing company headquartered in Bhosari (IN). There are contacts: phone, address, website, e-mail. Works in different directions of medical preparations. Produces generics.

  13. Maha Pharma

  14. Clomid tablets

    Clomid generic Gen Pharma

    It is visible that there are no contacts. Reviews a lot. Many of them are positive. The company invests the budget in product recognition. There are several satellite sites. Most likely of Indian origin. Generic product.

  15. Sanofi-Aventis

  16. Brand name Clomid - FDA Approved!!

    Clomid brand Sanofi-Aventis

    This is the manufacturer of the drug that is approved by the FDA. The company is very strong and powerful. In the pharmaceutical market for more than a hundred years. Has roots from Total and L'oreal. Until 2011, the drug was produced under the Sanofi brand. Since 2011, the packaging has changed and a joint logo after the merger of the two companies is applied to it. This drug is the most recommended of the whole list. Truth and he has not little negative reviews.

  17. Par Pharma

  18. Clomifene citrate. FDA Approved!!

    Clomid generic Par Pharma

    In the summer of 2018 became a pill approved – by the FDA. This suggests a good quality, but pay attention it is a generic. The company specializes in the production of generics for oral and injectable use. The ENDO division was also noted in the field of operations. It started its activity in 1978.

  19. Bruno Farmaceutici

  20. Italian Clomid

    Clomid generic Bruno Farmaceutici

    The company exists since 1996. Founder Dr. Bruno acquired part of the business from the Aventis group. From that moment began to produce drugs. Here are copies and originals developed by the company. The pharmaceutical community supports all initiatives.

  21. EGIS

  22. The Hungarian Clomifene - Clostylbegyt. Also tested by fda.

    Clostylbegyt EGIS

    The history of the company began in 1913. In 1985 began to be called Egis. Has a large pharmaceutical plant in Budapest. Eastern Europe uses mainly this drug. Feedback is positive.

  23. FIS

  24. Clomifene citrate generic from (Italy) approved by FDA!!

    Clomid FIS

    Since 1957, the company began to form under the leadership of the Ferrari family. By 2000, an office was opened in new Jersey. Produces only generics. Approval from the FDA received in 2013.

  25. PCAS

  26. Generic Clomifene - recommended by FDA!

    Clomid PCAS

    The company opened in 1962 in Paris France. In 2017, sales amounted to 217 million euros. The drug company has a CEP certificate ("certificates of conformity to the monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia") issued by EDQM, US DMF (Drug Master file) and Japan DMF. Not a bad option.

  27. TEVA

  28. Clomifene tablets. FDA - yes!

    Clomid TEVA

    TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES LTD was formed in 1901. At the moment, it is represented in more than 50 countries. Has patents for the production of branded drugs such as Viagra. Produces generic drugs, which are introduced around the world. Has certificates from FDA and EDQM. More than 70 production sites employ 25,000 employees. A large pharmaceutical company with a quality approach to business. Takes part in social projects all over the world.

How safe is it to buy Clomid Online?

According to research by the world health organization, about 12% of medicines are counterfeit. Research institutes say that in online pharmacies, the proportion of fakes is up to 55 %. And these are official statistics. In fact, the numbers are a little higher.

What awaits the client who starts to consume counterfeit drug. It would be fine if he just didn't help. But there are times when a fake does harm. And the patient complicates his problem.

Not so long is our life to spoil it with substandard drugs. The question of quality, if the drug is not tried on itself, is quite unclear. Who should I trust, who should I not trust? How can this be confirmed?

By far the safest way is to go with a prescription to the pharmacy and buy it there. The goods will give you a certified and FDA-tested Clomid. But sometimes this method is not available. For example, when you get treatment advice online.

safe buying

We advise you to use the Internet only to study information about Clomid, get advice on its use and book a medication at the nearest pharmacy.

You need to take the drug yourself to be able to verify its quality, integrity of the package, the presence of a barcode. You can also request the provision of appropriate certificates and licenses and check the shelf life of the medicine.

Advice on choosing an online pharmacy

But still, there are online pharmacies with which it will be safe to cooperate. How to distinguish them?

  • See that the site has a section with contacts.
    In it, look for the phone in your country. Call it and ask for availability, price and other questions.

  • The desired drug - the name of the site.
    Usually ICAN Supreme domain Registrar monitors such resources. If they receive a lot of complaints-they are closed.

  • Pharmacies of well-known companies.
    How to check them? Go to the site and go to the map section. Looking for a pharmacy whose address you know. If you find, then this genuine site.

  • The reference to the country.
    Domains for each country have a domain zone. For example, for Italy - .it; for Germany -. de; for Spain -. es; for the USA .usa. But common can be. com,. org,. net.

Safety, quality, FDA, EDQM...

Absolute drug tests are conducted only by large research organizations. These are FDA (Food and Drug Administration, FDA, USFDA) for the United States and EDQM - https://www.edqm.eu (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines) for Europe. These are the only organizations that test drugs in a randomized placebo-controlled experiment on humans.

FDA EDQM tested labs

As a result of this study, we can conclude about the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Relying on their opinion is a powerful argument, but not an absolute one. If the drug has not passed such studies, it does not mean that it is not effective. That means he didn't go through them, nothing more.

If the drug passed, then there are no questions-it is safe for sure, and if it did not pass-50/50, it can be effective, and maybe like homeopathy. In addition, it should be understood that the effectiveness of the drug does not mean that it will help you to recover.

Research needs to be paid for

Here we need to address the issue of pricing. These tests are complex and expensive. Not every pharmaceutical company will go for it. Especially if the market is established. And the company develops, confirming the effectiveness of the drug by its sales.

So keep in mind that the drug that was subjected to such a test will be much more expensive than its untested, sometimes not bad, analogue.

Still, if you are interested in the tested product, then try to find the drug in the online pharmacy of the manufacturer that was in the study.

Which clomiphene citrate is FDA approved?

To find out, you need to visit the page https://www.fda.gov/... and find there the desired drug. At the moment … there are two drugs on the approved list:

  • CLOMID Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC
FDA approved clomiphene citrate

The first was tested on 10/22/2012. The second was tested, quite recently, in June 2018. fda page

Resource pharmacompass.com it also considers that the following manufacturers have the FDA certificate:

compas mean that fda approved clomiphene is
  3. M/s. Bioxera Pharma Pvt. Ltd (India)
  4. MENADIONA SL(Spain)
  5. PCAS(France)
  6. Plantex Ltd.(Israel)

Pharmacies in which there are good prices for Clomid?(Search guide)

Many try to use proven pharmacy chains, which we'll talk about below, to find Clomid at the best price. But this is not the only and correct way to find the lowest cost for medicines.

Use The Google Search

Can be recognized in Google.com in the search bar, type best price clomid, clomiphene lowest price, and other similar queries. And analyze pharmacies from the results of the issue. Perhaps in them you will find a good offer. Google developers are struggling with unwanted and fake content. But be careful and vigilant with this method, use the recommendations from the section " how safe  is it to buy Clomid Online?" higher.

You can also use voice search. The result will be the same.

Pros: saving time, you can get the drug very cheap.


  • it is possible to run into a fraudulent pharmacy
  • may not be lucky with the quality of the goods
  • anonymity of personal data

How to protect yourself from this? Before ordering, study the reviews on this pharmacy. If they are negative or lack of give from the order in the pharmacy.

Explore themed blogs

Search through the search blog, forum. The content for our case is something to do with pregnancy or anabolic steroids for bodybuilders. You can register and start communicating with the advising authors. Is it advertising or good advice? After the work you can get a very good pharmacy. In which there will be a good price and good quality. Remember it and use it to your health.

Not a few there are excellent pharmacies of Indian pharmaceutical companies that offer good drugs with good prices.

Pros: the ability to get the desired and good option

Minuses: labor-Intensive and time-consuming method

Explore local pharmacies and their loyalty programs

To buy medicines in city and local pharmacies, you need a prescription from a doctor. Otherwise, the sale will not take place.

But it also happens that there is a prescription, and the patient is looking for just the minimum price for the drug. In this case, install all the applications of pharmacies that you know))). It is desirable that are close to you, because it is better to take the drug personally (even to check the expiration date and ask for a certificate). If of course there is no possibility, then you can wait until the courier delivers home. The presence of personalized coupons can influence the discount in the application. How to apply them read in the application.

So, for the US, the approximate list of pharmacies will be as follows:

  • CVS Pharmacy is an expensive pharmacy chain

  • HealthWarehouse is an online pharmacy with good prices

  • Kmart is an expensive pharmacy chain

  • Walgreens is a chain of pharmacies with very high prices

  • Costco is a network with a democratic pricing policy

  • Sam's Club prices are slightly higher than at Costco, but also low

  • Drive Thru (many pharmacies throughout the United States, each has its own website) — pharmacies for motorists, you order the drug by phone and pick it up without leaving the car.

Prices for drugs in different pharmacies may differ several dozen times. For example, Atorvastatin (a cholesterol — lowering drug) costs $ 180 at Kmart, $ 130 at Walmart and $ 17 at Costco. Here is such a spread of prices. So, buying drugs in the United States, take your time, call pharmacies and find out the prices. You can register in the bonus program. Every pharmacy has it. Just go to the website of the desired pharmacy chain, fill out the form, then you can save up to 50% of the purchase price.

Use Cash Back. This item will help to save 2 to 5% of the money spent.


  • a prescription is required
  • will be more expensive than in an online pharmacy


  • 100% certified pharmacy
  • certified preparation

Conclusion on the three methods

Sometimes it is justified to combine all three ways. Thus, you will be able to get the most attractive price for Clomid. And not always this pharmacy will be online. But in 70% of cases it will be.

How not to get fake and expired medicines (method for all online pharmacies)?

We touched on this issue a bit above. Let's put the question this way "Where are there no fake drugs?". In Offline pharmacies. But there is a recipe needed. Then you need to go to the doctor, and it sometimes bites the money.

visit pharmacy doctor

There are also health centers that go against the law and sell prescription drugs from under the counter. Since the sale is illegal, it will be impossible to make any claims on the quality of the goods. As a rule, with such purchases, you do not have evidence that a transaction occurred between the seller and you. In this case, you can blackmail the seller that you will complain about it to the inspection organizations. Does it suit you? See for yourself.

To avoid fakes, look in online pharmacies drugs proven firms. They can be generics from Israel or India. There's nothing wrong with that. The main thing is that the manufacturer(read higher) was proven. Specify before paying what company the drug. To do this, use the contacts section on the site.

If you are convinced of the manufacturer, and it is proven-go to fill out the order form.

About the expired medicines. In some countries, the shelf life of medicines is strictly controlled by regulatory authorities, it is on each package (the drug is good before and date). In the US, it's not like that. On preparations write: "best before” “" best used by... "(it is better to use before such date). And the drug on the pharmacy shelf can lie much longer than indicated on the package. American pharmacists do not consider such drugs overdue. If you come to the pharmacy for an over-the-counter drug-try not to take the closest packages to you and check the expiration date. If you buy a drug with an expired expiration date-no one will take it back, and drugs in the United States are very expensive.

Look at the date before purchase.

How to minimize the effect of the drug and not get an adverse reaction?

Before course clarification…

A lot of substances cause unexpected reactions in the body. These substances can be found in Clomid. It doesn't have to be fake. You can face a banal intolerance of your body to this component. It could be:

  • Allergy
  • Itch
  • Peeling of some areas of the skin
  • Problems with vision
  • Headache
  • Dysentery

Therefore, it is very important to identify this before starting the main treatment. But it will take some time.

First, take the minimum dosage. For example, you have a tablet Clomid in a dosage of 50 mg. Divide it into the maximum number of parts. Minimally four, and desirable 8 or 10. And drink it before the course starts.

Look at the result. If you do not feel any changes after three, four receptions, you can start a course of treatment with this drug. But do not repeat this with antibiotics. Otherwise you will cause bacteria resistance to them.


If you have done the above and began to take the drug in the course, it is possible such an effect as an overdose. This is the case when any side effects can manifest themselves. The drug we are considering on the basis of Clomiphene Citrate has a very good digestibility in both men and women. But the side effects still has:

clomiphene side effects
Never make adjustments to the doctor's recommendations. Observe the time of administration and dosage. If you change one of these settings, tell your doctor. Otherwise, you may get an undesirable effect.

How to prevent theft of your personal data when ordering pills online?

theft personal data

Today, all sites that require login by name and password, and even more so-those in which you can sell something or buy online, must be completed with an SSL certificate. That is, their full address already begins not with " http://", but with " https://". Modern browsers monitor the authenticity and validity of certificates: if to the left of the site address there is an icon in the form of a closed padlock, then everything is in order. Otherwise, the browser will warn you that the site certificate is not valid.

In any case, never leave any payment data on sites whose address begins with http:/ / or whose certificate has expired. Remember also that scammers can fake the look of other sites. But it is much more difficult to forge a certificate.

In order to protect yourself, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Use antivirus:
    modern, regularly updated antivirus will provide reliable protection against a variety of Internet threats

  2. To regularly download updates:
    software updates close vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers

  3. Do not leave your personal data on open resources:
    data left on the Internet is collected by malicious robots, which can then use them for their own purposes (for example, send more spam to your mailbox)

  4. Do not download anything from random sites
    there is a high probability that together with the downloaded program/book/movie you will get a malicious program

  5. Do not follow links in spam emails
    such links often lead to fraudulent or malware-infected sites

  6. Do not open attachments in emails if there is at least some doubt about the reliability of the addressee.
    There is a high probability that the application contains malware (even if it is a Word document)

  7. Do not attempt to "unsubscribe" from spam (especially if there is a link in the spam email)
    to get rid of spam it will not help, on the contrary. There are two most likely scenarios:
    • spammers regularly run an automatic check and cleaning of their databases from non-existent addresses; answering the letter, you confirm that your address (which, perhaps, was picked up automatically) really exists, it is really read. This will encourage spammers to make it into separate, "clean" database, so that you will receive even more spam
    • clicking on the link, you will get to the infected site and get malware on your computer

  8. Do not respond to tempting offers, especially if they are associated with obtaining fast money:
    if you respond, you will either lose your money, or, much worse, you will be involved in criminal fraud

In what cases will the use of Clomid be effective?

We have already talked about how and under what deviations from the norm it should be applied.

clomid uses

More detail I want to dwell on two. This infertility in women and After course therapy for men.


Is the inability to conceive during the year of regular penetration of viable and active sperm, naturally or artificially, in the reproductive organs of a woman of puberty. This is the main direction of treatment with clomid. FDA research on this drug was conducted on the basis of this disease.

Its correct application leads to the result. In other words, a woman gets pregnant. We wrote above how to take the course when and how much. But do not hope that the patient will drink a course of the drug and get pregnant. There is a need for preparation, analysis, and sex with a partner.

The preparatory period includes:

  • delivery of tests for the possibility of pregnancy
  • use of vitamins
  • identify the absence of problems in your partner (husband)

At this stage, you need to exclude all possible factors that prevent pregnancy. There can be a lot of them. It can be cysts in the ovaries, obstruction of the tubes and more. We exclude all defects in a woman and do the same in a partner. If all the organs are normal, we try without medication to fertilize. In case if not is obtained are starting to prepare.

Vitamins before the course:

  1. Folic acid
  2. Omega 3 (polyunsaturated fatty acids)
  3. Multi vitamin complexes

Each organism is different, so you will need some special vitamin for egg maturation.

No result after all this. Then to business.

Still exclude the main contraindications to taking the drug:

clomid contraindications

The menstrual cycle begins and you need to prepare for taking Clomiphene. Vitamins drank, all the reasons were thrown away. It's about you. The fifth day comes. We begin to take the drug. The dosage for the first course is 50mg. Five tablets per course. One every day.

On the tenth day of the cycle, the drug will end. Now you need to watch ovulation. From 12 to 15 days, we follow the ultrasound examination for how the egg comes out of the follicle, located in the ovarian tissue.

Ovulation is the process when an egg ready for fertilization leaves the ovary. This is just the time when you need to feed sperm into the egg and pregnancy will happen. In the event that all biological mechanisms are normal.

As soon as this happens it is necessary to have quality intercourse. In which the sperm must cling to the egg. During this period, the number of sexual acts is not limited. As often as possible, you need to work.

pregnancy test

Now we are waiting for the delay of menstruation. In 80% of cases, this method brings results. In parallel, you can use pregnancy tests. But their accuracy leaves much to be desired. The most correct is to visit the ultrasound diagnostics room. But this needs do already on 31-35 day( 2-3 days after delays).

If after that nothing happened-go to a similar course next month. Each new course brings you closer to the long-awaited pregnancy.

Important: if these little things seem difficult to you, then it will be better to wait or postpone this process. Because this is just the beginning of a long journey. And remember not to despair!

Post course therapy

Above we talked about the correct intake of Clomid for recovery from steroids. And the most important thing here is to determine what degree of severity (from light to very heavy) you had a course of steroids. Depending on this, it is necessary to apply restorative therapy.

It can be started 24 hours after the last pill or steroid injection.

clomid pct

What is it for? The answer is simple, so as not to lose muscle mass obtained from the action of steroids. In other words, not to be blown away.

So immediately you need to plan courses. Before the reception. Otherwise, the effect of steroids will weaken and all efforts will come to naught.

In this direction, the drug has a high efficiency, so it does not make sense to paint in detail what is behind it. Stick to the regimen and track your testosterone levels. If you start to decline, it is possible to increase the dosage. If in norm, then continue scheme.

Very often there are cases of individual tolerability of the components of the drug. In this case, you should look for another manufacturer, or completely change the active substance. In such cases, use of tamoxifen(tamox) or trimaran.

Customer reviews on Clomid

According to experts, clomid is not a steroid drug, while it is very popular in the field of bodybuilding, because it helps to restore the hormonal background after a course of powerful anabolics and preserve all the results achieved.

Coaches themselves use the drug in their practice, in addition, it is recommended by doctors when it comes to the recovery of the athlete's body and the manifestation of any side effects after taking steroids.

Doctors pay attention to the fact that this drug is used strictly after the completion of the action of steroids in the athlete's body, in order to prevent violations of natural functions. The effect is pleasantly surprising, and bodybuilders talk about how easy and comfortable is the recovery period with clomid.

Victoria Simpson buy and like Clomid

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Victoria Simpson

St Regis Falls, NY / 33

Hello. Clomid helped me get pregnant. I read about it on the Internet. I took it 3 cycles, and pregnancy came. He helped me to normalize ovulation.

Karen Strothers buy and don't like Clomid

Karen Strothers

Haddonfield, NJ / 27

I didn't like clomid very much. I was prescribed it by my gynecologist to stimulate ovulation. Everything seemed to be normal, the doctor said on the ultrasound that everything was going well, but the pregnancy never came. Although I saw his 4 cycle. And Clomid at all cannot be to accept more, if am not mistaken, 5-6 cycles because, that consequences can be bad, slightly whether not cancer ovarian. When using these pills, I did not feel good. These are the symptoms that occur in menopause, I had during this period. Wanted to give up on Clomid, but the doctor kept talking, because everything is going well, why to change something. And in the end - nothing...

I would like to add that Clomid is very effective in PCT for bodybuilders and there it is used without any complaints. But sometimes there are reviews like the latter. I would like to wish the woman a speedy recovery. But unfortunately, sometimes it happens that medicine is powerless against infertility. And here it is not in the drug, but in the patient's body.

Do not get sick and be healthy.


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